Emotionally Focused Therapy 

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is considered the gold standard in treating couples. EFT is a proven, empirically validated treatment developed in the 1980s by Drs. Sue Johnson and Les Greenberg. The therapy is based on over 30 years of research into attachment bonds. The parent-child bond is just as powerful as that between romantic partners, where partners can turn toward each other for mutual love, comfort and support. When these bonds break, partners often feel alone, scared, numb or resentful. Negative, rigid ways of relating to each other can emerge, causing even more emotional disconnect and hurt. EFT delves into your relationship on a deep, emotional level and transforms negative patterns into a secure bond. EFT heals broken attachment bonds and creates positive, long-lasting change for couples.

EFT is consistently proven to be one of the most effective therapies for helping distressed couples.

Emotionally Focused Therapy usually requires 8 to 20 sessions, depending on complexity. Studies show that 70 to 75 percent of couples in EFT move from distress to recovery. About 90 percent demonstrate significant improvements. 

Emotionally Focused Therapy can help you:

  • Feel emotionally connected and secure

  • Achieve better communication

  • Resolve arguments or hot topics

  • Increase physical intimacy and closeness   

  • Mend hurt and build trust

In addition to helping couples, Emotionally Focused Therapy is used for families and individuals. EFT for individuals is helpful when one partner will not participate in couples counseling. EFT is effective for helping individuals work through relationship issues with themselves or others. "Parts" of yourself or an "imaginary other" can be explored and addressed. EFT helps individuals become more emotionally connected and breaks painful relationship patterns, developing deeper relationship satisfaction.

When choosing an EFT counselor, it is important that he/she has extensive and ongoing training. At a minimum, your therapist should have completed an EFT Externship. Holly Sullivan has completed an EFT Externship, EFT Core Skills, and a year-long self-study. In addition, Holly participates in consultation groups, as she is committed to maintaining and enhancing her EFT therapeutic skills. She understands that couples counseling is a big investment of your time, money and energy. She is passionate about improving your relationship and wants you to get the most from your therapeutic experience.

“To be human is to need others, and this is no flaw or weakness.”

Dr. Sue Johnson

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